Frequently asked questions (Faq)

Why group sessions?

We firmly believe that a group environment brings out the best in students. Collaborating with peers allows students to learn skills beyond Math and English, such as communication and cooporation. Moreover, with remote learning, many students miss out on the social aspect of learning, and a group enviornment makes for a fulfilling learning experience.

Are 425 Tutoring sessions free?

Yes, all sessions at 425 Tutoring are free. All of our high school tutors volunteer their time to help K-6 students continue and accelerate their learning.

How long are classes and how many sessions are taught per week?

The number of sessions range from one to two times a week and each class is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. More sessions can be requested contingent on tutor availability.

What are the qualifications for tutors?

We use a rigorous application and interview-based system to qualify tutors through benchmarks such as GPA, volunteer experience, presentation skills, and academic achievements.

How long will tutoring continue?

425 Tutoring operates with an eight week cycle. By signing up, you will likely work with the same tutor for all eight weeks. At the end of the cycle, you may decide if you would like to continue.

What subjects do you teach?

We primarily teach Math and English, but have tutors available to support students with other subjects they are learning in school. Tutors are also available to help students on homework and other class assignments.

Where is this company based?

We were founded east of Seattle, Washington but have quickly grown to have a network of students and tutors across the United States!

What do sessions look like?

Typically our tutors have a preliminary meeting with the parents/guardians of the students to gauge where each student is in their learning. From there, homework can be assigned to the parent/guardian's liking. Our tutors teach lessons based on common core standards through a 425 Tutoring curriculum.

Are sessions virtual or in-person?

All sessions are virtual. They are held over Zoom, Google Meet, or any other online communications platforms, via discretion of the tutor.